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Digital photo frames are amazingly flexible devices capable of doing much more than just displaying pictures and they can be adapted to fit a wide variety of special applications requirements at home, in the office, at trade shows, memorial services, etc. carries a variety of special purpose digital frames designed to meet just such special application requirements. Available in a variety of styles, memory configurations and interfaces, many of these sophisticated digital photo frames combine lamps, clocks, desktop accessories and other special features which greatly extend the usefulness of the digital frame far beyond basic digital picture frame displays.

Digital Frame Clocks
Combine a digital picture frame with a digital alarm clock and calendar and you've got a great accessory for any bedroom nightstand, kitchen counter or office desktop.
High Definition Digital Frames
High definition digital picture frames give you the ability to display your images more clearly and with more detail visible. Available in a variety of styles and interfaces, these displays are perfect for any application requiring high quality images.
Digital Frame Lamps
Combine a desk, table or floor lamp with a digital picture frame and you've got a great combination for your living room end table or your desk at home or in the office. Combine stylish lighting with a picture show made up of your favorite images.
Digital Frames with Touch Controls
Touch controls make it easy for you to directly control the performance of your digital frame. No buttons or remote control necessary. Just select your options with a touch to the front or side of the digital frame.
Digital Frames with Internal Battery
An internal battery makes it possible for your digital picture frame to maintain image stored in internal memory even when disconnected from the A/C adapter or computer USB port. Eliminates the need to reload images after power interruption.
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