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Digital Frame Interface carries digital photo frames with all popular electronics interfaces. Images can be displayed directly from your digital camera or via an interface to your personal computer.

Many digital frames support multiple electronics interfaces, making them even easier to adapt to your application requirements. Whether you want your digital frame to have a USB, memory card, wireless or wired connection, we've got a selection of digital frames in a variety of sizes and styles that will work in your application.

Digital Frames with Memory Card Interface
Digital picture frames with a memory card interface make it simple to display pictures taken with your digital camera. Most frames support a number of data formats. Just unplug the memory card from your camera and plug it into your digital frame.
Digital Frames with USB Interface
Digital picture frames with a USB interface make it simple to display pictures stored on your computer or in a USB flash drive.
Digital Frames with Wireless Interfaces
Digital picture frames with wireless interfaces can receive images directly with no physical connection. The digital frame uses a blue tooth or a WiFi network connection to receive and displays images. Perfect for images that require frequent updates.
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